About LinkUp

LinkUp is the fastest-growing job search engine on the web.

Our mission is to provide job seekers and employers alike with the purest, most efficient, most relevant and rewarding job search experience imaginable. Online, or on the go. Unlike job search boards and aggregators, we drive real job seekers directly to real jobs on real employers’ web sites. No hoaxes, scams or hurdles.

That’s why we say it’s time to search with your eyes wide open.

For an industry desperately in need of relevant, highly qualified traffic and new paid search advertising solutions, LinkUp is a truer path to both. For a sea of hungry (but frustrated) job seekers, LinkUp is a direct route to incredible employment opportunities that match your particular skill set.

Simply put, you’ve never seen job search like this before.

LinkUp is owned and operated by JobDig – a leader and 12-year veteran of the job search industry known for creating state-of-the-art, multi-media job search platforms. Both JobDig and LinkUp are based in Minneapolis, MN.

Why Job Seekers Love Us

  • Over 2 million real jobs from 50,000 great employers
  • State-of-the-art search engine puts you 1-click from employer’s sites
  • Listings updated daily
  • No duplicate jobs, old listings, or job scams
  • Sophisticated mobile apps for added convenience

Why Employers and Advertisers Love Us

  • Drive real, qualified traffic directly to your site
  • Build your own, proprietary candidate pool
  • Performance-based cost model
  • Flexible campaign management
  • Listings are automatic & updated daily
  • Powerful social media solutions
  • Seamless extension to mobile platforms
  • Index works with every ATS on the market