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LinkUp S&P 500 Index

Overview: The S&P 500 LinkUp Jobs Index combines the depth and breadth of S&P Dow Jones Indices with LinkUp’s proprietary technology framework that indexes, stores, and reports job data.

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Published Wednesdays at 9AM ET, the S&P 500 LinkUp Jobs Index measures labor demand for the S&P 500® at an aggregate level as well as at the GICS sector level. Built from LinkUp's industry-leading job market data, the index provides insights into the overall performance of the companies and sectors represented by the S&P 500.

And because job openings from the companies in the S&P 500 represent roughly 15% of the total job openings in the U.S., the index is highly correlated to and predictive of non-farm payrolls, unemployment, and the general health of the economy as a whole.

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Key benefits

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    Key economic measure: Jobs data continues to be one of the most widely covered economic indicators of the U.S. economy.

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    Direct data: Open job postings are derived directly from company websites — no surveys or self-reporting bias. It’s the most up-to-date data available.

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    Timely: Weekly jobs reporting utilizes open job postings in connection to the S&P 500. Other jobs and employment indicators have longer reporting period lags.

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    First mover: No other index provider measures jobs and employment levels.

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