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Real-time labor market data solutions for every industry

Our partners leverage LinkUp's accurate, timely jobs data to develop novel investment strategies, optimize their operations, plan for the future, and execute rigorous research into society's greatest challenges.  

Industry Solutions: Direct from the source, updated daily, and delivered seamlessly


Leverage LinkUp's real-time labor market data to improve internal operations, add new insights to market intelligence initiatives, plan for the future of work, and make informed hiring decisions.

Capital Markets

Our data is correlated to macroeconomic indicators and it's an indicator of industry trends. LinkUp data can successfully inform sector rotation strategies and can help build predictive models at a securities level.

Academia and Education

LinkUp job market data supports operations at higher ed institutions providing a uniquely granular view of the labor market for new perspectives in academic research.

Human Capital Management

Discover what skills are in demand and which emerging technologies are becoming more common and leverage that knowledge to plan for the future and build better workforce resources and tools.

Public Sector

Comprehensive, real-time workforce data can provide insights into economic vitality, regional shifts, unemployment, and other critical indicators to support policy and decision-making for government organizations.

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