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Overview: LinkUp provides valuable insights into the global labor market using accurate, real-time, and predictive jobs data.

Examine labor demand across your industry, improving internal operations and developing data-driven tools to benchmark yourself against competitors and refine your talent acquisition strategies.

Track how companies are expanding into new markets and identify where (and to whom) your product may be most in-demand.

How are corporations using LinkUp to maximize efficiency?

  1. 01

    Talent management and corporate intelligence

    Improve your talent search, write competitive job listings, and decrease time-to-fill utilizing data-driven insights.

  2. 02

    Generating B2B sales leads

    Discover which tech proficiencies and roles companies are searching for — and leverage that insight to craft better product pitches and sales funnels.

  3. 03

    Supply chain analysis

    Track how workforce demand changes at the company, industry, or occupational level to map the ripple effect of production networks.

  4. 04

    Market and competitor analysis for benchmarking

    Leverage competitor talent acquisition analysis to determine the most effective and efficient use of your hiring resources.

Leverage labor market data to expand your sales funnel.

  • Global coverage

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    Since 2007, we’ve indexed hundreds of millions of jobs from over 67,000 companies and 195 countries for comprehensive coverage.

  • Unparalleled quality

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    Our proprietary process gathers data directly from the source, employer websites, for unparalleled depth, breadth, accuracy, and timeliness.

  • Predictive power

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    Jobs data is forward-looking, and our datasets are updated daily, lending deep insights and actionable predictive power to our clients.

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