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Job Market Insights

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Gain insight into noteworthy changes in the U.S. labor market, including analysis by geography, sector, and skills — as well as what’s driving these changes and what it means for the economy.

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Track trends with real-time data, gain deeper insights into changes in the labor landscape, and sign up for analytics delivered directly to your inbox.

LinkUp for research

LinkUp job market data drives valuable research by academic institutions, media, and industry leaders. Explore peer-reviewed studies, editorial work, and white papers fueled by our data.
  • Sparkline Capital

    Investing in AI: Navigating the Hype

    Jul. 05, 2023

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    • Capital markets
  • Synaptic

    Job Market Trends Across Tech Companies in 2022

    Apr. 04, 2023

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    • Capital markets
  • Sparkline Capital

    Digitizing the Old Economy

    Apr. 03, 2023

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    • Capital markets

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