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Job Market Data that Works

LinkUp is the leading provider of accurate and real-time labor demand data. We source millions of job openings directly from employer websites around the globe, every single day.

The LinkUp Difference

Know what's actually happening in the job market as it drives the global economy forward.

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LinkUp Compass: Skip complex queries with one click! Create compelling visualizations to analyze high quality, real-time job data.

LinkUp Compass allows you to transform LinkUp RAW into easy-to-read analytics. Seize reliable trends and patterns faster than ever and leverage the data for your business strategies. You can customize this platform to fulfill your needs, from competitive intelligence to benchmarking to efficient labor market analysis.

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Skills and Salary Datasets: Unlock the full potential of workforce planning and talent acquisition. We offer 8+ skills per job, mapped to over 275 million jobs.

Our comprehensive skill and salary dataset helps you to navigate the world of work. So say farewell to mining through manual job descriptions and tedious keyword searches. LinkUp unlocks valuable hiring strategies, competitive intelligence, details about both public and private companies, and much more. Discover the power of LinkUp’s skill and salary dataset today!

Skills and Salary Dataset

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Leading the conversation: LinkUp data drives cutting edge research and financial reporting.

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