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LinkUp X RavenPack

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The most structured vantage point over job
data for investors and corporations

RavenPack Job Analytics
Powered by LinkUp

RavenPack delivers structured analytics built from the highest quality sources — including LinkUp. Through RavenPack Job Analytics Powered by LinkUp, organizations can track hiring trends, compare positions, dive deeper with keyword search functionality, and benchmark between companies, sectors, industries, regions, and countries back to 2007, driven by RavenPack’s robust natural language processing technology.

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Drawing Value from Job Intelligence

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Keeping an eye on hiring trends, shifts in the most sought-after skills, or on hiring locations can give investors valuable insights into performance and investment prospects. Aakarsh Ramchandani, RavenPack's Chief Strategy Officer, introduced our newly released Job Analytics dataset, sourced from over 200 million job postings, in partnership with LinkUp. He also gave a snapshot of the latest research paper leveraging this data, which proves, among many other things, that monthly hiring growth is indeed positively correlated with future stock performance.

About RavenPack

Features: LinkUp-powered insights

RavenPack Job Analytics expands data sourced from LinkUp to reveal valuable trends with unprecedented details — identifying key information revealed by employers.

  1. 01

    Employment nowcasting

  2. 02

    Corporate strategy insight

  3. 03

    Alpha-generating signals

  4. 04

    Risk and compliance

  5. 05

    News and sentiment analytics

  6. 06

    Contextual metadata

What’s included?

RavenPack Job Analytics powered by LinkUp is backed by over 20 years of experience in human capital management and employment data.

  • Accurate, transparent, searchable data

    Using LinkUp’s job and company level data sourced daily from over 65,000 companies, over 7,000 unique primary stock tickers, and more than 270 million job listings indexed since 2007, RavenPack Job Analytics utilizes cutting edge natural language processing (NLP) technology. Their proprietary platform uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), allowing computers to understand, interpret, and manipulate human language — bringing unprecedented clarity to today’s labor landscape with a fully searchable jobs archive:

    • Robust, keyword search function
    • Over 3,000 job-related topics
    • Point-in-time sensitivity
    • Targeted knowledge graphs
    • Global coverage of companies
    • Algo-ready

RavenPack Job Analytics uses
LinkUp data to ask and answer
big questions.

Our CEO’s note on RavenPack Job Analytics Powered by LinkUp

The unstructured text data in the millions of job descriptions gathered by LinkUp provides a huge window into organizations in terms of where investments are being made, what roles and skills are being hired for, and where the business is heading. With Job Analytics, every organization, regardless of what their data enablement might be, now has the power of that data and those insights at their fingertips.”

Toby Dayton, CEO


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