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Job market data that drives transformative decisions

What's in a job listing

About our data: There is no clearer window into the future of work.

Every day, LinkUp indexes millions of job listings directly from more than 67,000 employer websites. In aggregate, this data tells the story of industry performance, global economic vitality, geographic trends, and the way work is evolving.

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Superior data

Diligent sourcing and a commitment to excellence for powerful results

Highly granular data for confident decision-making

How do we source our data?

Since 2007, LinkUp has refined our indexing process, sourcing job listing data daily directly from employer websites. Our proprietary technology and dedicated web data engineers continuously maintain and grow our job listings coverage to ensure a consistent and clean dataset.

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    Data collection

    • A continuous, proprietary indexing process since 2007
    • Indexed directly from over 67,000 employer websites — not from third party aggregators — for superior accuracy
    • Global sourcing from 195 countries and over 275 million job postings to date
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    • Platform verifies, augments, validates, and appends additional relevant data for a refined dataset
    • We clean, parse, and enrich job listings for ease of use
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    Data delivery

    • Data files are accessible through commonly used and trusted integrations and formats
    • Customization opportunities ensure delivery of exactly the data an organization needs

What's included in our data?

A single job listing contains dozens of forward-looking data points about both the job and the employer. Our RAW dataset contains the full history and predictive power of hundreds of millions of job listings, and our suite of custom feeds and analytics provide insights tailored to the needs of organizations and industries.

Our products: Explore our data products

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Industry solutions: Our data shapes organizations in a range of industries, shedding light on the global future of work.

Capital Markets

Investors make decisions and build better models using our job market data.

Human Capital Management

Equipping human resource professionals with real-time labor market data and accurate listing information.


Our global data equips corporations to seize strategic opportunities.

Academia and Education

Our data supports academic research and helps shape institutions of higher learning.

Public Sector

LinkUp provides deep insights to governments and public entities for meaningful decision-making.

Data delivery and access: We deliver data through the platforms our clients trust.

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What's in a job listing?

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  • Updates to listings

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