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LinkUp X Maiden Century

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The future of alt data is here for investment firms.

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Maiden Century, an investment firm specializing in alternative data analysis, has announced a partnership with LinkUp, the leading provider of job market data. This collaboration gives Maiden Century access to valuable insights into workforce trends and dynamics, potentially informing their investment decisions.

LinkUp job listings data is available through Maiden Century's Integrated Dashboard for Everything Analyzeable (IDEA) platform. IDEA is a game changing, cloud-based platform for fundamental investors that integrates, restructures and connects key data assets into a unified environment to generate, real time, actionable and intuitive investment insights. The dataset covers hundreds of tickers and KPIs across all industries with a heavier focus on Tech, Retail, Healthcare, and Financial Services.

Overview: Make data-driven investment decisions with confidence.

The integration of LinkUp's job market data into Maiden Century's IDEA platform marks a significant step forward for investors seeking a comprehensive view into the health and trajectory of companies. This seamless integration allows users to analyze traditional financial data alongside alternative job data such as hiring trends and skills in demand. This combined view empowers investors to gain a deeper understanding of a company's future prospects, talent pool, and potential impact on related industries leading to more informed investment decisions.

  1. 01

    Ready to use alternative data

  2. 02

    Compare datasets visually

  3. 03

    Data transparency

  4. 04

    Cleaned & structured data (sector to ticker level)

  5. 05

    Instantly evaluate new data sources

  6. 06

    Watchlist, email notification & API functionality

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LinkUp x Maiden Century Dataset

Maiden Century's IDEA platform now harnesses the power of LinkUp's meticulously curated job market data, offering deeper insights into corporate sentiment and economic trends.


    Direct Sourcing, Unmatched Accuracy: LinkUp goes beyond aggregators, gathering job listings directly from company websites. This ensures real-time updates, eliminates outdated listings, and guarantees unrivaled accuracy.

    Granular Insights, Flexible Access: Explore weekly updates or delve into daily data for a pulse on the changing market.


    Early Indicator of Confidence: Job listings act as a leading indicator of corporate optimism. Retractions signal potential slowdowns, while active listings hint at future growth plans.


    Unveiling the Bigger Picture: Analyze job trends across industries and regions within IDEA's unified environment, gaining a comprehensive understanding of economic dynamics and potential shifts.

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