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LinkUp X Exabel

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Deep, data-driven insights
for investors — with no coding required.

About LinkUp Insights Platform
Powered by Exabel

A streamlined, web-based portal powered by Exabel lets users access, visualize and compare LinkUp’s job market data without writing code. The predictive power of job market data is more accessible than ever before.

Investors often find the cost and complexity of modeling data in-house a prohibitive burden. Exabel allows active managers to benefit from alternative data immediately to supplement fundamental strategies.

Features: Data-driven decision-making

Job market data is at your fingertips with LinkUp Insights Powered by Exabel (with no code needed). Actionable insights for investors through critical, early clues into companies’ business conditions and insights are now available through Exabel’s easy-to-use platform.

  1. 01

    Employment trends identification

  2. 02

    Time-tracked company hiring data comparison

  3. 03

    Key performance indicators identification

  4. 04

    Streamlined, web-based portal

  5. 05

    Intuitive, interactive dashboards

  6. 06

    No code or warehouse needed

About Exabel

With critical, early clues into companies’
business conditions, LinkUp job market data provides
actionable insights for investors.

What people are saying about LinkUp x Exabel

Alternative data is often incredibly granular and rich, which allows us to address a wide range of investment questions. Accounting information on a company’s employees tends to be scarce. In contrast, job postings offer a fascinating opportunity to understand many facets of what is happening at a company.”

Alpha Innovation Via Alternative Data report


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