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Novavax jobs up as COVID shot nears approval

Apr. 13, 2021

Materials for the early new mRNA vaccines are becoming harder to get, and they are hard to manufacture and store. But there’s another vaccine on the horizon that could solve some of those problems, and keep vaccination efforts moving.


Given these complicating factors, it is all the more surprising that Novavax was able to reach late-stage clinical trials so quickly, despite never having produced an approved vaccine in their 34 years of operations. The company may be uniquely positioned for success amid the COVID pandemic though, as the recipient of $1.6 billion in taxpayer funding under the U.S. Government’s “Operation Warp Speed” vaccine development program. Most other Warp Speed–backed companies are giant pharmaceutical firms that were quicker to launch late-stage clinical trials in the United States, however small-but-mighty Novavax and the unique technology used to develop their spike protein may be poised to offer a more effective vaccine.

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