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LinkUp X Revelio Labs

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The world’s first comprehensive, universal HR database

This unique partnership between LinkUp and Revelio Labs offers the only human capital dataset providing a comprehensive universe of workforce intelligence.

By combining a current and historical view of a company’s workforce along with a forward-looking view of hiring, individuals and organizations can generate unprecedented insights for any investment decision or due diligence process.

Features: The most robust workforce intelligence data available

Revelio Labs x LinkUp created a standard structure to unify occupations and job titles, skills and activities, and companies and other organizations by ingesting the universe of public workforce data. This workforce data provides insight into:

  1. 01

    Company composition

  2. 02

    Hiring and attrition trends

  3. 03

    Geographic composition

  4. 04

    Career transitions

  5. 05


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About Revelio Labs

  • About

    Revelio Labs is a workforce intelligence company. Founded in 2018, Revelio Labs absorbs and standardizes hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world's first universal HR database. The company's team of data scientists, economists, and engineers deliver valuable workforce analytics to customers including investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, and governments, empowering them to make actionable, data-driven decisions.

LinkUp x Revelio Labs: workforce supply and demand

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