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Insightful Job Market Data

With the largest, highest-quality index of global job listings, we have developed a wide range of solutions that deliver brilliant insights into the job market.

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jobs since 2007


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What We Deliver


Job listings for publication on the web.


Raw job market data for a wide variety of use cases.


Knowledge and insight obtained from our job market data.


Every day, we index millions of job openings directly from employer websites around the world. Our job listings include every job published by the 30,000 companies in our index and represent every industry, employer type, and salary level.


By indexing jobs every day directly from company websites, we have eliminated all of the ‘noise’ that pollutes other labor datasets such as duplicate listings, expired jobs, and job board ‘pollution’ (scams, fraud, lead-gen, etc.). As such, our job market data is clear, accurate, and powerful.


And because a job listing typically indicates an eventual new hire, our data is also incredibly predictive of future job growth. Those predictive attributes can be leveraged to more effectively forecast macro, sector, and individual company trends as well as broader trends in the overall job market.

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