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Insightful Job Market Data

With the largest and highest quality job listings index of job openings sourced direct from company websites globally, LinkUp has become a leading provider of job market data and analytics. From that robust and unique dataset of jobs, LinkUp has developed a wide range of data products and services that delivers brilliant insights into the global job market.

150 million

jobs since 2007


companies indexed daily

job data analytics

How We Do It


Index millions of jobs directly from employer websites globally


Verify, process, augment, and validate the data


Deliver insightful, predictive, and actionable job market information

Data Solutions


A collection of reports and feeds that incorporates the entirety of LinkUp’s historical dataset

Market Reports

An application that generates reports that extract real-time and historical job market data

Job Listing Content

Distribution and filtering of LinkUp’s job listings through feeds, search, and publisher solutions

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Real-time reports that provide insights at a macro, geographic, company, and sector level

LinkUp Insights

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