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Who will survive Amazon's next HQ2 elimination round?

Feb. 21, 2018

Dear Amazon, I’m onto you for your HQ2 search/publicity stunt, as if you needed more attention, but I admit: I’m hooked. I can’t seem to stop myself from clicking on any headline containing “HQ2.”

While Amazon didn’t host a rose ceremony (that we know of), in a nail-biting Bachelor-esque episode of HQ2, they then narrowed the list to the top 20 contenders, sending the 218 less attractive cities home. They all said “Just the opportunity to be here was life-changing, and I just want all the other cities to win!,” I’m sure.

So here we are, anxiously awaiting the next episode of Survivor: Amazon Edition (not to be confused with season 6, Survivor: THE Amazon). There is no shortage of speculation on the next round of cuts and the final winner, with many expecting Amazon to choose Austin, Texas following what some call a clue in their Super Bowl ad. As we said in a previous post, data will play a major role in the decision process for Amazon, which will surely evaluate demographic information, infrastructure, workforce size, technology sector strength, location, and corporate environment.

PowerPoint Presentation
  • Austin
  • Raleigh
  • Denver
  • Boston
  • Nashville*

*While Los Angeles made the Top 20, and has a diversification score of 42.9, Nashville, a close sixth in the rankings, bumps LA out of the running for its location away from the West Coast; HQ1 is in Seattle.

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