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January 2023 Jobs Recap: Labor demand grows in first month of 2023

Feb. 03, 2023

Active U.S. job listings increased a slight 0.6% month-over-month. According to LinkUp job listing data, collected daily and directly from company websites, this is the first overall increase seen since listings peaked in March 2022.

Closed Duration

Closed duration, or the average number of days job listings are posted on company websites before they are removed, tracks hiring velocity across the entire U.S. economy. As the average number of days a job listing remains live increases, hiring velocity slows.

Listings removed in January remained open for an average of 50 days – 8.7% longer than the 46-day average of listings removed in December 2022. This leap follows months of little change in the closed duration of listings.

This rise in closed duration appears to align with changes seen across similar time frames in the past. From December 2021 to January 2022, closed duration increased 6.7%. Two years prior, December 2020 to January 2021, the increase in closed duration was 4.9%.

Closed Duration Jan23
State Jan23

Jobs Data by State

After months of declining job listings across a majority of states, 71% of all states experienced growing job demand from December to January.

States that experienced the most growth in job listings include West Virginia (13.3%), Kentucky (6.1%), Mississippi (5.1%), and Nebraska (5.1%). Of the 29% that experienced job listing slumps, South Dakota (-4.7%), District of Columbia (-4.3%), California (-3.4%), and Oregon (-2.6%) saw the largest declines.

LinkUp 10,000

The LinkUp 10,000 is an analytic published daily and monthly that captures the total U.S. job openings from 10,000 global employers in LinkUp’s jobs dataset with the most U.S. job openings.

While the LinkUp 10,000 jumped by just 1.0% through January, this is the first increase seen since March 2022. This rise follows declines of 5.2% in December and 4.5% in November.

LU10 K

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